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We have all learned woodworking through some type of instruction. I've found classes and individual instruction the most valuable. Unfortunately, classes can be expenesive and may not fit into your schedule. I've found books and the Internet to be the most accecible places for instruction. However, my preferece for complete information is from reading books. Where else can you find hundreds of pages on the seemly simple topics such as shaprening or using a hand plane?

I've compliled a list of books that I've read. This list doesn't include every single book I own but rather a collection of books that I've found particularly useful. In contrast to my hand tool and power tool reviews, I don't provide a numeric grade to the books. If I don't like a book, it just doesn't make it to my list.



Title Author Publisher
400 Wood Boxes Veronika Alice Gunter Lark Books, A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
A Price Guide To Antique Tools Herbert P. Kean The Astragal Press
Band Saw Handbook Mark Duginske Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.
Box-Making Basics David M. Freedman The Taunton Press
Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw Lois Keener Ventura Popular Woodworking Books
Canoe Paddles Graham Warren and David Gidmark Firefly Books
Classic Hand Tools Garrett Hack The Taunton Press
The Art of Fine Tools Sandor Nagyszalanczy The Taunton Press
The Handplane Book Garrett Hack The Taunton Press
Understanding Wood R. Bruce Hoadley The Taunton Press
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