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Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw

Title: Building Beautiful Boxes with Your Band Saw14 Step-By-Step Projects and Patterns

Author: Lois Keener Ventura

Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books



Book Review

If you like the idea of building band saw boxes this book is a must read. This book provides the instruction and patterns to create these unique boxes. I’ve made a number of these boxes based on the author’s designs.

I first got interested in making these boxes after taking a class at Woodcraft. In one day we each make a butternut band saw box. There are not many projects I can complete in a day so I have very happy to have this project under my belt.

This book contains very large pictures of finished examples of these boxes. I find these serve as good inspiration, even if mine never turn out quite as nice as hers. The book also has large photos of each of the steps in creating these boxes. This is definitely a topic that lends itself well to photography. The photos make these boxes look very easy to make (provided you own a band saw and some type of powered sander).

The band saw box is one of the easiest projects I’ve completed. However, everyone that sees my boxes think that this is somehow a difficult project. Even after I mention that it is relatively easy they always seem to give me a look of disbelief. Had I not read this book a taken a class I might have felt the same way too. One read through this book and you’ll be ready to start on your band saw box.

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