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Box-Making Basics

Title: Box-Making BasicsDesign, Technique, Projects

Author: David M. Freedman

Publisher: The Taunton Press



Book Review

I cut my teeth making smaller projects like boxes. Boxes are a great way to start woodworking because you need to master all types of woodworking techniques but you don’t have to spend a bundle on wood.

The book Box-Making Basics was one of my first woodworking books. If you look through the book you will notice a few of the projects in this book are displayed in my projects area. I’ve found the designs to be attractive and practical to reproduce.

The book starts out with a basic woodworking advice for box making. It includes a particularly good explanation of classical proportions for boxes that will work on just about any other project as well. If you’ve ever designed your own project and it just doesn’t look right but you can’t tell why, that page or two is worth a read.

The book contains 15 box projects. These projects are in 5 different categories; mitered boxes with one-piece lids, boxes with mitered lids, boxes with slot hinges, boxes with pin hinges, and boxes with butt hinges. I found this organization allowed me to easily find a project that was appropriate for my skill level. My first box was the walnut slab lid box. My next box was a bloodwood version of the same box. After another year I created the box with blind pin hinges out of lacewood.

If you like making boxes this book provides inspiration as well as instruction. This book is well worth reading.

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