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A Price Guide To Antique Tools

Title: A Price Guide To Antique Tools

Author: Herbert P. Kean

Publisher: The Astragal Press



Book Review

The title tells the story of what this book is all about, a price guide for antique tools. As a price guide this book covers a myriad of tools. It covers everything from adzes to toolboxes. This book doesn’t have every single tool ever produced but it does address every tool I’ve ever come across. Some tool prices are for the general tool like a brass back miter saw. Other tools are specific to the manufacturer like a Stanley No. 4 smoother.

This book is also very useful to learn about other old tools. Paging through this book I often come across tools that I’ve never seen. Not long ago I saw a stair saw in the book. A day later I came across a stair saw. In the tool business like any type of antiques, knowledge is power. I can honestly say, this book has given me a lot of antique tool knowledge.

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