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Canoe Paddles

Title: Canoe PaddlesA Complete Guide to Making Your Own

Author: Graham Warren and David Gidmark

Publisher: Firefly Books



Book Review

I’ve always wanted to make a canoe paddle. Since making a canoe paddle is not exactly a common project, I’ve found it necessary to locate a book to guide me in the right direction. This book combines practical woodworking technique with practical canoe use experience. After all, this is the type of project that you use, not just look at.

I’ve found this covers every single aspect of canoe paddle building. With some books I’m often left wondering why the author did something since it was never explained. At over 150 pages this book digs deep into making canoe paddles. I never would have guessed you could write that much about a paddle.

If you are at all interested in making a paddle this book will certainly pique your curiosity. The canoeing season is almost upon us in Wisconsin so I’m itching to put my new knowledge to good use. In fact, I think I’m going to make two, one for show and one for paddling.

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