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Band Saw Handbook

Title: Band Saw Handbook

Author: Mark Duginske

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.



Book Review

Band saws are an immensely useful tool. However, unlocking the versatility of this tool seems to be a mystery to most woodworkers. Some consider the band saw a tool for fine scrolling type work while others consider it a tool for resawing large logs. Duginske’s book unlocks much of the mystery of this versatile tool.

This book was written in 1989 and their ago show in the photos but it does not affect the usefulness of the book. The principals explained in the book are as useful today as they were a few years ago.

Band saws can be frustrating it not properly set up. Setting up a bandsaw is well documented in the book. Not only does this book go into detail on how to set it up but it also gives you an understanding of why this is important. An example of my own that comes to mind is my use of a ¾” blade for resawing lumber. My Jet 14” bandsaw has a max blade capacity of ¾”. However, I now realize that the crown on the wheels of my bandsaw is too wide for my blade to track properly. Now I don’t use anything larger than a ½” blade.

The book does a very complete job of choosing and using the right blade. Unlike most tools, the band saw’s character can be completely changed by just changing the blade. With the right blade selection the author demonstrates how to cut intricate details and also resaw with smooth straight cuts.

At over 300 pages and packed with photos and diagrams, this book is a very complete bandsaw book. If you are a band saw expert or just a novice, this book will surely improve your skills.

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