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400 Wood Boxes

Title: 400 Wood BoxesThe Fine Art of Containment and Concealment

Author: Veronika Alice Gunter

Publisher: Lark Books, A Division of Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.



Book Review

This little book is great if you’re looking for project ideas. There are literally 400 different boxes contain within the pages. Almost all of the boxes within the book would be considered decorative boxes. These are not the run of the mill utilitarian boxes. While many of the boxes are very interesting, some of the boxes are just plain strange. Many of the boxes use the term “box” very loosely. Whether you like each box isn’t really the point. If you’re looking for project ideas (boxes or not) this book has a wealth of ideas.

This book is not a book of plans or projects. If you are a novice and are looking for a plan or pattern this book is not for you.

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