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The Handplane Book

Title: The Handplane Book

Author: Garrett Hack

Publisher: The Taunton Press



Book Review

If you are interested in planes, you should own this book. I read this book first as a handplane novice. Now that I have a few more planes under my belt I still enjoy cracking open this book every once in a while.

The book starts out with some basics of a plane and then goes into the history of the tool. For those that aren’t familiar with planes prior to Leonard Bailey and the subsequent Stanley planes this chapter will shed some light on the interesting history of the tool.

Ultimately, planes are for using not for reading about or looking at. The next few chapters discuss how planes work, tuning them and how to plane wood. These chapters are immensely useful for those that plan on using a plane. I can tell you from my first experiences using a plane that subtle differences can be the difference between enjoyable woodworking and frustration.

The next five chapters are devoted to 5 different types of planes; planes for joinery, planes for surfacing, scrapers, planes for shaping and specialty planes. While this may seem like overkill just thing of how many different plane shapes you’ve seen. Now think about table saws and band saws, they are all almost exactly the same and whole books have been devoted to those tools.

The remaining two chapters focus on some of the modern plane makers and buying planes. Don’t stay on these chapters too long or you might get the bug and drop a lot of cash on some Lie Nielesen or antique handplanes.

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