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Classic Hand Tools

Title: Classic Hand Tools

Author: Garrett Hack

Publisher: The Taunton Press



Book Review

If you like to are wondering if you should get into collecting or using old tools, give this book a read. If you are not inspired to purchase a few antique tools then you should probably just find another hobby.

This book covers benches, clamps, measuring tools , striking tools, chisels, gouges, drawknives, planes, boring tools, scrapers, files, rasps and saws. At 218 it covers each topic rather quickly. However, that still leaves room to give good information on the types of tools within each group and how to use them. If you only had this book I'd feel comfortable that anyone could become a good novice by only using this book as a tool. However, don’t think this book is just for beginners. The book is wonderfully photographed and has many interesting tidbits on the history of the tools that beginners and experts alike can learn from.

If you have any interest in old hand tools or would just like to expand your woodworking knowledge, this book will not disappoint. This book works well as a reference or is enjoyable enough to read cover to cover.

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