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Bessey K-Body Clamps

Overall Length: 12" +
Price: $$$ but worth it

Bessey K-Body Clamp Review

Have you ever thought to yourself, I wish I had bought cheaper tools. I know I haven't. I strongly believe good tools are much cheaper in the long run. I remember my first clamps. My first woodworking clamps were some extremely cheap bar clamps. I thought they looked the same as any other clamp. I didn't know any better at the time. Then I ran into Bessey clamps. It felt like a different tool. Never again will I buy junk!

The bar on the Bessey is heavy and strong. This is very helpful when you start to apply clamping pressure. If the bar is too weak the jaws tend to spread apart at the top. This will apply uneven clamping force or at the very least could lead to a weaker joint.

Parallel Jaws
These jaws stay very parallel. The benefits of this are obvious. The jaws also provide a large surface area for clamping. If using a dense wood I don't feel that I need to use blocks to keep the wood from marring from the clamps. I can't say this with any standard bar clamps, Bessey or not.

Using the K-Body
The small details of the clamp make this stand out. When gluing up pieces these clamps can be laid on the bench and the wood can be set on top. Since these clamps stand up by themselves this is a very easy.

The ends of the bars have a plastic tab that keeps the bar parallel to the bench and raise roughly half and inch from the surface. This allows you to slide the jaws without moving the whole clamp.

If you plan on woodworking for more than a year or two, these clamps make an excellent investment. I have no reason to believe I'll need to replace these clamps in my lifetime.

Overall Rating 6 out of 6.

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