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Nicholson Patternmakers Rasp

Body Material: Carbon Steel
Length: 14"




In the modern world of woodworking certain tools can fall out of favor. I would nominate the Nicholson Patternmakers Rasp as one of the most overlooked tools in the shop. In the modern days of sandpaper and power tools, the simple rasp seems expensive and antiquated. However, I find them very efficient, cost effective and perfect for the modern shop.

Let's think back to that this tool was designed to do, it made for shaping wood. If your woodworking doesnít get any more complex than 4 square sides and a bit of glue then donít bother reading any more, this tools is for creative woodworking. The patternmakers rasp is designed to shape wood to a shape only limited by the design and skill of the person using the tool. In the past, a patternmaker was a skilled craftsman that would made patterns out of wood, these wood patterns would be used in the process of manufacturing parts from these patterns. Of course in the current modern world, the job of the patternmaker isnít exactly a growth industry. However, the tools used are still just as relevant for the modern craftsman.

This tool, unlike a regular wood rasp, has finer teeth that are not in a line. A line of teeth would create deep groves in the wood. These grooves arenít just unsightly but they tend to keep the teeth following it the same groove. Think of it like you would a well worn dirt trail. With more random teeth, there are no high or low spots to get caught in.

Unlike a file, a rasp can remove wood rather quickly and doesnít get clogged as easy. However, unlike a powdered sander, it is very easy to control the amount and what wood is removed.

One of my favorite tools is the spokeshave. However, the spokeshave like any other bladed tool, needs to be used with the grain of the wood. I often use a spokeshave and my patternmakers rasp together. Some areas area easier to work with the spokeshave, while other areas are easiest to work with a rasp.

If you shape wood, I canít think of a tool in the shop that is more useful and yet doesnít cost and arm and a leg. This is one of the few quality old tools that still remain.


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