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Jet 6 Inch Jointer

Jet 6" Jointer

Width: 6"
Price: $599


But the Jet 6-inch Jointer





The 6" jointer has become a common consumer tool for woodworkers. This is also the tool that separates the occasional woodworker from the more serious woodworker. If you are going to buy rough lumber, this tool will save you time and rescue warped boards.

While I definitely have a bias towards hand tools, I'm definitely not above using this tool for its intended purpose of flattening a face or squaring an edge. Sure, the same could be accomplished using a jointer plane like a Stanley No. 7 but it would take a lot more skill and time.

The saw comes with a 1 HP single phase, 10 amp induction motor. This motor seems to be adequately powered for the maximum cutting width of 6". The motor can be wired for 110 or 220. I use mine with the factory 110 setting. Just make sure to run it on a different circuit than your dust collector if you have one. Otherwise you will occasionally pop a breaker. If your lights are also on the same circuit you could be in trouble. Be safe and separate the tools on a different breaker.

I found that my blades came properly set from the factory. I haven't tested a bunch of other jointers so I can't say if I just got lucky or if that is how they all come. My first few hundred board feet ran through just fine. I have now developed a few nicks in my blades and I'm contemplating sharpening them. I'm not looking forward to that job.

Cast Iron Tables
I have no complaints about the cast iron infeed and outfeed tables, mine appear to be free of any warping. I wouldn't mind if they were a little longer but I'm not sure that would help me on most boards I use. I just don't make many projects with 8 foot lumber. I do recommend that you use Boeshield T-9 or a similar product to keep the cast iron from rusting. I had major problems with rust until I started protecting it.

I've found that the adjustments for the infeed table work well. I don't really adjust the outfeed table but it works like the infeed table. The fence can be adjusted for a wider or a more narrow cut as well as angled for an angled cut. The fence works fine but I don't like the placement of the knob to adjust the fence angle,it seems to get in my way when I'm edge joining a board.

The only major complaint I have with my jointer is the vibration when it runs. The belt that came with it had a kink in it that makes the whole jointer shake more than it should. For some reason I've never got around to replacing it. Maybe I'll do that when I replace the knives.

The dust or chip collection works just fine on this tool. The large 4" port is placed below so the chips practically fall into the collector. If this tool is used without a dust collector it will jam up the chute. If you continue to clean that out, it will not seriously affect operation, it will just make a big mess.

This is good tool that does what you tell it to do. If you are really looking to get the ultimate shop I'd suggest the more expensive 8" models. I run into a lot of 6 1/4 inch boards that just don't fit on this tool. However, on a budget or in a smaller shop this is a good choice. This tool has no surprises, had it come with a better belt from the start, it would have got a 6. Since the belt is inexpensive to replace, I'll give this tool a 5.

Overall Rating 5 out of 6.

But the Jet 6-inch Jointer


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