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Long Ranger Remote Switch

Capacity: 20 amps
Voltage: 110 volts
Price: $55



Long Ranger Remote Dust Collector Switch

If there were only more things like this little switch to improve the woodworking experience. If you are like me, the noise of a running dust collector (no matter how quite) is still annoying. This remote switch also allows you to locate the dust collector out of the way, another great benefit to any woodworker with a small shop.

This is so easy to put into your shop. Plug it into the wall, plug your dust collector into the Long Ranger then turn your dust collector on. The Long Ranger takes care of the rest.

This remote switch has a 20 amp capacity. This is more than adequate for any dust collector you are going to run on 110 volts. That is about all your 110 circuit can handle anyway.

Long Ranger Usage
To use the remote switch just hit the on button, to turn it off just hit the off button. It is that simple. I have my dust collector located in my garage and my shop is in my basement. I keep it clipped to my pants pocket. A quick hit turns it on and off.

If you have a dust collector and have $55 burning a hole in your pocket. This is a great place to spend it. For the price of 2 piece of wood at today's prices you can save yourself countless steps in the shop with this little device.

Overall Rating 6 out of 6.



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