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Buying Woodworking Tools Online

Purchasing tools online through some of the more popular woodworking stores can offer some very distinct advantages over your local alternatives. The biggest advantage of all is the selection and availability. In some parts of the country there is no other way to get fine hand tools or purchase that specific power tool. Below I've listed a few of the online woodworking stores I've made purchases from.

These guys have a great selection of woodworking supplies and hardware. This is not your one stop woodworking store, but you will find lots of router bits, accessories, hardware and finishing supplies. They really don't sell power tools, but sell quite a few accessories for power tools. The web site is well done and well laid out. I've always received good service. Visit Rockler at

Amazon has a good selection of power tools at good prices. Amazon also publishes a catalog with Tool Crib. In addition to woodworking tools, Amazon also sells tools focused on the construction and DIY market. They do not do a lot with woodworking hand tools, but will have a few of the more common hand tools. They are most famous for their selection of books, the woodworking book selection is excellent. Visit Amazon at

Highland Woodworking
Good selection of woodworking tools and supplies. I've found this site to be one of the better sites on the web for a complete selection of hand tools. If you need a plane or a chisel these guys will have more than one to choose from. On the other hand, they don't do much with power tools.

Thrify Woodworker This site compare prices on woodworking tools on other sites. It is also a good place to find which sites have good current promotions. Mostly power tool sites but some other tools as well.




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