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Hand Tool Questions

I'm looking to purchase my first hand plane. What plane would you recommned I buy?
I've heard that older Stanely planes are better than modern planes. Why do people think the older Stanely planes are better?
I have a bench plane, should I put the iron bevel up or bevel down?
How do you orient a block plane iron, bevel up or bevel down?
What are the sizes of the Stanely Bench planes?
What method of sharpening do you use on your woodworking tools such as chisels and plane blades?
How do you flatten the backs of chisels and plane irons?
What are the first hand tools I should buy?

Finishing Questions

What kind of finish do you recommend for cutting boards?
What are the advantages of a shellac finish?
I'm looking to find a finish that won't stink up my whole house. Are there any good finishes that are not solvent based?

Power Tool Questions

What do you use to protect your table saw and other cast iron power tools from rusting?

Wood Information

What is the hardest of all of the hardwoods?
What is the definition of a hardwood? I've heard that some hardwoods aren't very hard.
What is a board foot?
How is wood thickness measured?

General Woodworking Questions

What is the best way to remove burn marks left from my table saw or router?
I'm a beginner woodworker. Do you have any ideas how I should get into the hobby and build my shop?
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