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What kind of finish do you recommend for cutting boards?


I like to use pure mineral oil. From the second it hits the wood it's safe. In fact, mineral oil is even sold at phamacies for human consumption. Other wood finishes can be safe once cured but few, if any, are safe before curing. As an added safety benefit, the mineral oil finish will not go rancid like other vegetable based oils often found in the kitchen.

Another benefit of mineral oil is that the finish is also easily repaired. Since it doesn't dry, there is no concern of chipping or flaking off.

Answer Submitted by: Sawdust and Shavings

I have used, as well as pure mineral, walnut oil. Walnut oil is usually easily found at local grocery stores, but is not inexpensive. As well as working well on cutting boards it also works very well on salad bowls made of, yep you guessed it Black Walnut.
Answer Submitted by: irishmetalworker

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