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Board Foot Calculator

Calculate board feet the easy way. Just enter the dimensions of your lumber and the board foot calculator will do the rest. No board foot conversion tables. To use it just just enter the dimensions of your board.

Length: (feet)
Width: (inches)
Thickness: (quarters of an inch)

Tips on Calculating Board Feet:

- Board feet is a unit of wood volume measuring 144 cubic inches.
- The formula to calculate board feet is Board Feet = (length * width * thickness) / 144
- Hardwood lumber thickness is measured rough sawn. If you purchase 4/4 boards surfaced on both sides expect to see actual measurements closer to 13/16 rather than a full inch.
-If your lumber is already surfaced, calculate board feet on the rough thickness.

If you want to find more about wood than just calculating board feet I suggest Understanding Wood by Bruce Hoadley.

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