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Walnut Bandsaw Boxes

Walnut Bandsaw Boxes

Walnut Bandsaw Boxes

Wood: Walnut

Dimensions (front)
Length: 8 1/2"
Height: 4"
Depth: 4"
Dimensions (back)
Length: 8 1/2"
Height: 4"
Depth: 4"



These are my most recent bandsaw boxes. These boxes are both made from the same 8/4 walnut stock. Walnut is a great wood for this project. It is very attractive but it is also very easy to work. The only problem with walnut is the dust. I highly recommend using a good dust collector when creating walnut dust. These boxes take a lot of sanding so be prepared. Although commonly called "bandsaw boxes" my good friend Terry more accurately coined the phrase "sanding boxes" to describe these boxes.

I've use a router to do most of the rounding of the edges. However, the edges of these boxes often require some type of hand shaping because a router can't reach every part of the boxes. In the past I've used hand sanding to shape the rest of the box. I can say now that method isn't efficient or enjoyable. I've since learned that this is a great task for a spokeshave, rasp and a file. These tools create a lot less dust and actually do the job more quickly. On curves, a good spokeshave works well. I used a Lie-Nielsen small bronze spokeshave. This diminutive spokeshave is perfect for the job because the handles are small enough to allow access to most of the box. I used a rasp and a file to work the tight corners that the spokeshave couldn't reach. Looking back, I think it would have been better had I skipped the router altogether and just used the spokeshave. In competent hands a spokeshave can make quick work of a project this small. Even in my hands it goes quickly.

This box is finished with blonde shellac. This was my first project using shellac. While my technique isn't yet perfected I really like using shellac. My earliest projects were always finished with some type of varnish blend. No thanks! My house smells terrible after using that stuff. With shellac, I would even feel comfortable applying the finish on the kitchen table. Notice I said I would feel comfortable, I'm not so sure the wife would feel the same way so I apply finish down in the shop.

To learn how to make boxes like this, I suggest you purchase the book
Building Beautiful Boxes With Your Band Saw by Lois Keener Ventura. It has a number of different designs from very simple to very complex. These designs are from her book.


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